Lila Morgan
Anna Lee
Anna Lee as Lila Morgan
General Hospital
Portrayed by: Anna Lee
Duration: 1978-2003
First appearance: 1978
Last appearance: May 30, 2003
Cause/reason: Dropped off canvas
Created by: Douglas Marland
Family: Morgan family
Gender: Female
Born: April 29, 1918
Died: July 14, 2004
Cause of death: Natural cause
Occupation: Shareholder of ELQ
Residence: Quartermaine Mansion
66 Harborview Road
Port Charles, New York
Parents: Harold Morgan
(father, deceased)
Unknown woman
(mother, deceased)
Siblings: Hal Morgan
(brother, deceased)
Marital status: Edward Quartermaine I
(married) [??/1983-07/2004]
Past marriage(s): Crane Tolliver
(dissolved) [19??-1983]
Edward Quartermaine I
(invalid, deceased) [19??-1983]
Children: Alan Quartermaine Sr.
(son, with Edward, deceased)
Tracy Quartermaine
(daughter, with Edward)
Bradley Ward
(step-son, deceased)
James "Jimmy Lee" Holt
Grandchildren: Skye Chandler-Quartermaine
(adopted granddaughter, via Alan)
Alan "A.J." Quartermaine Jr.
(grandson, via Alan, deceased)
Jason Morgan
(grandson, via Alan)
Andrew "Drew" Cain
(grandson, via Alan)
Emily Quartermaine
(adopted granddaughter, via Alan, deceased)
Edward "Ned" Quartermaine II
(grandson, via Tracy)
Dillon Quartermaine
(grandson, via Tracy)
Great-grandchildren: Lila Alcazar
(adopted great-granddaughter, via Skye)
Michael Corinthos III
(great-grandson, via A.J.)
Jacob "Jake" Spencer
(great-grandson, via Jason)
Daniel "Danny" Morgan
(great-grandson, via Jason)
Oscar Nero
(great-grandson, via Drew)
Emily "Scout" Cain
(great-granddaughter, via Drew)
Brook Lynn Ashton
(great-granddaughter, via Ned)
Romances: Elliott Thompson
(dated/engaged; 19??-19??, deceased)

Lila Morgan Quartermaine (formerly Tolliver) was a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital.

Actress History:Edit

  • Anna Lee (??/1978-05/2003)

Character History:Edit