Lila Alcazar
Kayla Madison
Kayla Madison as Lila Alcazar
General Hospital
Portrayed by: Gianna Crane (2006-2008)
Kayla Madison (2012)
Duration: 2006-2008 & 2012
First appearance: October 23, 2006
Last appearance: November 21, 2012
Cause/reason: Left town with Skye Chandler
Created by: Robert Guza Jr.
Family: Morgan family
Quartermaine family
Full name: Lila Rae Alcazar
Other names: Lila Quartermaine (name at birth)
Gender: Female
Born: October 23, 2006
Occupation: Student
Residence: London, England
Parents: Lorenzo Alcazar
(father, deceased)
Antointte "Skye" Chandler
Siblings: Diego Alcazar
(paternal half-brother, deceased)
Grandparents: Unknown man
(maternal biological grandfather, deceased)
Gretal "Rae" Cummings
(maternal biological grandmother)
Adam Chandler Sr.
(maternal 1st adoptive grandfather)
Althea Patterson
(maternal 1st adoptive grandmother, deceased)
Alan Quartermaine Sr.
(maternal 2nd adoptive grandfather, deceased)
Great-grandparents: Edward Quartermaine
(maternal 2nd adoptive great-grandfather, deceased)
Lila Morgan
(maternal 2nd adoptive great-grandmother, deceased)
Aunts & uncles: Luis Alcazar
(paternal uncle, deceased)
Hayley Vaughan
(maternal 1st adoptive aunt)
Adam "J.R." Chandler Jr.
(maternal 1st adoptive uncle)
Miguel Reyes
(maternal 1st adoptive uncle)
Anna Chandler
(maternal 1st adoptive aunt, deceased)
Colby Chandler
(maternal 1st adoptive aunt)
Alan "A.J." Quartermaine Jr.
(maternal 2nd adoptive uncle, deceased)
Jason Morgan
(maternal 2nd adoptive uncle)
Emily Quartermaine
(maternal 2nd adoptive aunt, deceased)
Cousins: Sage Alcazar
(paternal cousin, deceased)
Lorenzo "Enzo" Santos
(maternal 1st adoptive cousin)
Adam "A.J." Chandler III
(maternal 1st adoptive cousin)
Michael Quartermaine
(maternal 2nd adoptive cousin)
Jacob "Jake" Spencer
(maternal 2nd adoptive cousin)
Daniel "Danny" Morgan
(maternal 2nd adoptive cousin)

Lila Alcazar is a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital.

Actress History:Edit

  • Gianna Crane (10/2006-02/2008; recurring)
  • Kayla Madison (11/2012; recurring)

Character History:Edit

Lila Alcazar is the daughter of Lorenzo Alcazar and Antoinette "Skye" Chandler-Quartermaine. Lila had one older half-brother Diego Alcazar.

Lila lived with her parents until his death. Later that year Skye decided to leave town. In early 2008, Skye and Lila left town and moved to London, England to live with Skye's mother.

Lila briefly returned to town with Skye for her adoptive great-grandfather Edward Quartermaine's funeral.